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Tagungsband: 24. Chaos Communication Congress 2007

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Tagungsband zum 24. Chaos Communication Congress

Volldampf voraus!

(Beiträge in deutscher und englischer Sprache gemischt)

Aus dem Inhalt:

Absurde Mathematik

AES: side-channel attacks for the masses

Analysis of Sputnik Data from 23C3

Attempts to regenerate lost sequences


Ein anonymes Zugangskontrollsystem

Dining Cryptographers, The Protocol

Even slower than Tor and JAP together!

Grundlagen der sicheren Programmierung

Typische Sicherheitslücken

Hacking ideologies, part 2: Open Source, a capitalist movement

Free Software, Free Drugs and an ethics of death

Inside the Mac OS X Kernel

Debunking Mac OS Myths

Introduction in MEMS

Just in Time compilers - breaking a VM

Practical VM exploiting based on CACAO

Konzeptionelle Einführung in Erlang

Linguistic Hacking

How to know what a text in an unknown language is about?

Modelling Infectious Diseases in Virtual Realities

The �corrupted blood� plague of WoW from an epidemiological perspective

Overtaking Proprietary Software Without Writing Code

�a few rough insights on sharpening free software�

Simulating the Universe on Supercomputers

The evolution of cosmic structure

To be or not I2P

An introduction into anonymous communication with I2P


The Virus Underground


Paradoxien des deutschen Wahlsystems